Welcome to Stort Valley Organics!


Thank you for dropping by!

We are Stort Valley Organics, a small, family run box scheme based at Stansteadbury Farm on the outskirts of Stanstead Abbotts.

Our boxes contain certified organic fruit and vegetables that have been sourced from other local farms as well as from our own farm at Stansteadbury which is in conversion to Organic.

Our aim is to provide good quality organic fruit and vegetables to the public at an affordable price whilst helping to build a sustainable food system.

Here at Stort valley organics our mission is to grow the most nutrient, mineral dense food possible while working with nature not against it. To not just feed the local community but to feed and look after all of nature. We do not use any pesticides fungicides or herbicides. Doing so would be against our whole ethos and philosophy of using nature and the natural elements to grow our food. We wouldn't dream of putting poisons on the land or on our food that we serve our family and yours.