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Please note that due to weather and seasonal variations, what we can offer will change, and prices may go up or down.

Picture of Choice Box Range

The Choice Box Range gives you complete control over what goes in your box. You can select exactly what you want using our points-based system. Simply click what you would like to the points value of the box  you have chosen.

Picture of Mini Box Available as Add-on

Our mini box contains a selection of produce for juicing.

It is only available as an add-on to one of our core range of veg boxes. You can add every week, fortnightly or just as and when you want one.

Picture of Our Organic Boxes
Five great reasons to join the Stort Valley Organics organic box scheme...

1. The Produce: We believe you can't buy better than organically certified fruit and veg from a local smallholder, so this is what goes into the boxes. The produce we put into our boxes simply cannot be purchased in most retail outlets.

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Reduced food miles, reduced packaging, reduced waste and, of course, the food has been produced sustainably. There's no doubt that buying your food through your local organic box scheme is one of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Outstanding service.

4. Great Value. 

5. We're a worthy organization to support. As a member of our box scheme you are both supporting our local organic farmers and encouraging potential new ones to convert. You are also supporting ourselves in our quest to develop a forward thinking and sustainable system of food distribution in a world where worries over climate change and finite fuel supplies loom large
Picture of Stock Up Your Cupboard

Everyday items to add to your order to stock your kitchen cupboard up. 

Picture of The Original Box Range

The Original Box takes you back to the early days of the organic box scheme: the best local produce at a great price. By prioritising produce direct from our local farms we can keep the price of the box as low as possible.