Our first blog

Hi all,

This is the first blog post of many we hope. I hope you enjoy it and will enjoy us sharing with you our progress and story and continue reading through the coming weeks and months.
The ideas, reasons and motivation to starting a farm are part of my story of moving from a place of ignorance and mindless consumption and living to a place of relearning through self education. I say self education but really I have learnt from countless great people of this earth both past and present who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with the world. All I've had to do is to be open to new knowledge, realize my own ignorance and be willing to let go of what was assumed as facts. I am standing on the shoulders of giants and have only just begun to scratch the surface of truth and knowledge. I would like to thank all who have done so and your numbers are too great to list here but your courage, determination and at times suffering and ridicule will not be in vain as in the end the truth always comes out. It just has to go though the 3 phases first.
Know the truth and it shall set you free.
I can't honestly remember when and why I wanted to start growing organic food. I just remember in early 2000 when I moved to a new house with a lovely big back garden that I wanted to grow veg in a patch of neglected ground down one side. I knew I wasn't going to use pesticides and that in the few years before I had started to use, hear and become more aware of the term organic more and more. I feel I have picked this up from a much earlier time in my life but honesty don't know when. I literally grew up with what's known as conventional farming all around me as my grandparents lived on a farm and my school and back garden were surrounded by large fields that always had crops growing in them. Always just one crop that would have to be spayed a number of times throughout the year but that was just how we grew food and I thought no different to what I was told from a very young age. I can remember how excited I used to get when I went up to my Grandparents farm as there was a chance I might get to go around the 100s of acres of fields with my Granddad in his big red truck to check on the pheasants, rabbit traps, spot a fox or two or just to drive around the many fields looking at all of the crops that were growing. My favorite memory was when I actually got to ride in the combine harvester at the end of one summer when I was about 7 or 8.
Through what I have learnt over the past 10+ years about what we call farming I have realized that method of agriculture is not only unsustainable going into the future but that it is totally against nature and how it's meant to work. It not only damages the wildlife but the soil and the people that eat the produce as well. I slowly begun to look for the solutions to the problems rather than just worry about the problem. This was the start of what would be an obsession which I will go into and share in future blogs. 
Oct 17
Stort Valley Farm